Windows 7 Fail

Initially, Windows 7 looked nice. But the longer I worked with it, it’s starting to show the usual Windows cruft: I already wrote about the empty lists within Windows Update. Yes, that still happens. Hibernate does not work. And now I tried to setup a backup, and ended up with:

Otmar will’s wissen

Jetzt kommt ja demnächst diese super geniale Volksbefragung unserer roten Stadtoberen, die auch eine Frage zum Hundeführerschein für Kampfhunde enthält. IMnsHO ist die Frage falsch: sie sollte heissen, ob man solche Hunde überhaupt in der Stadt haben will. Aber man freut sich ja über kleine Fortschritte. Dabei kam mir der Gedanke, wie schaut’s eigentlich mit […]

Dear UPS

Disks in two of our servers failed last week. One was covered by warranty, the other by a HP Care Pack (Next Business Day). In both cases, I reported the failure last Friday and replacement disks were promptly dispatched by the distributor and HP, respectively. As of Wednesday evening, they have not arrived. Yes, we’re […]

Windows 7 Fail

The Windows XP installation on my laptop had suffered the usual Windows fate of accruing too much entropy over the last two years. The Lenovo tools alone are quite heavy-weight by themselves. Instead of re-installing XP, I opted for Windows 7. After all, we’re supposed to be familiar with what’s out there in the wild. […]

Children’s books

Ok, it’s clear that books for children must take liberties in terms of realism. For example, we have these nice book about a small polar bear. That he befriends a small sled-dog is par for the course for such book. All fine and dandy and it makes nice reading. But this page made me go […]

Dear Microsoft, I have a simple request.

While messing around with X.509 certificates I not only encountered Umlauts, but Extended Validation Certificates as well. All nice and dandy, but these contain special OIDs in the subject field which openssl does not know the name. Googling around I found a few references to their names, but no definitive source (especially for a short-name). […]

Scaremongering with graphs

Newspapers often enough publish graphs which give wrong impressions on what the numbers behind the diagram actually mean. The usual culprit is a y-axis which does not start with 0, thus visually inflating any trend/changes in the data. This week I stumbled upon something else: The article was all about “Do we have to expect […]

Zeger reitet wieder

Um sein Geschäft mit X.509 Zertifikaten anzukurbeln, schreibt er eine Pressemeldung, die auch prompt von der Fuzo übernommen wird. Es scheint um X.509 Zertifikate für SMTP/STARTTLS zu gehen, also die Verschlüsselung des Transportweges beim Mailversand. Was ist da dran alles falsch?