Secunia PSI Fail

Actually, I like Secunia’s PSI: it makes keeping a Windows PC up-to-date a lot easier. But today it failed: Update of flashplayer did not work, but showed this: Notice how it says in green 100%, but Firefox and IE were still using the vulnerable version. Maybe it got confused by Chrome’s autoupdate which ran in […]

Digitale Signatur mal wieder

Heute hat mich ein Kollege zu einem signiertem PDF befragt: Ist das korrekt und qualifiziert unterschrieben? Sind wir mal naiv und öffnen es mit Acrobat X. Ja, ist signiert, kann das aber nicht überprüfen. A-Trust tools sind installiert; ein update auf den aktuellen download von a-trust ändert nichts dran, dass ich von dem Teil nur […]

Adobe Madness

I finally bit he bullet and upgraded to Reader 10.x to get the security benefits of the sandbox. But: Why this f*cking bloatware of the Download Manager as a Firefox plugin. WTF? And why do these bastards try to sneak in McAfee software? I did not see the checkbox. See also this thread in the […]

Airport <-> City connections

I’ve been on two business trips over the last weeks and I noticed the following: Barcelona: Express Bus service from the Airport to the city center every 5-10 minutes. Stockholm: Arlanda Express every 15 minutes. Vienna: CAT every 30 minutes. I do see some potential for improvements here for Vienna.

Dear FedEx

Last year, we had troubles getting spares delivered via UPS. This year I ordered a book from Blurb and FedEx was the carrier. This time, it was addressed to my flat in Vienna. The tracking info sounded all right, up to the first missed delivery. They were definitely trying as the delivery guy left a […]

iTunes dead file removal

This is more of a memo to myself than anything else: The solution is here: 1) Make a static playlist called “All Live Files” and copy your entire library into it. 2) Make a smart playlist called “Missing Files” with the rules set as ” ‘Playlist’ ‘is’ ‘Music’ ” and another rule set as ” […]

Windows 7 Sync Center

I’ve already written about the broken list of available updates in Windows 7. Today I spotted something similar: Windows supports keeping a copy of a remote directory on the local computer and syncing back offline changes. Today I got confronted with the following dialog: Okay, I press “Sync” and get: Conflicts? Show me: What gives?

Name them and Shame them: paypal edition

c’t magazine runs a biweekly column shining some light on the most egregious customer experiences with IT companies. To no-one’s surprise, thing start to get resolved if the company is facing public outrage and public shaming. So, in the same spirtit: paypal is worst company in the world. Further opportunities at Naming and Shaming are […]

A very cold Hotfix

I recently upgraded from the old Nokia Suite to the Ovi-branded version. In other word, I replaced one piece of sh***y bloatware with another. But one thing is interesting: When using USB-based tethering, I get the following notice: Well, if they think it makes the bloatware work better, ok. Then I took a closer look: […]