Windows 10

A nugget from the Windows 10 Event log

While investigating why Outlook stopped working, I found the following in the EventLog:


2117? WTF?

Pet Peeves Windows 10

Win10: controlled folder access

I’ve enabled controlled folder access on my work Windows 10 machine.  Now it is giving me notifications like:


The idea is fine, of course I need to finetune the settings (and one click brings to the relevant settings page), but how the §$%& should I know which program to white-list? I cannot find a way to get the full path of the offending program.

I need to search.

Why is there no “Application ‘full path’ is trying to make changes: whitelist y/n” dialogue?

Windows 10

Windows accounts for Kids

While being logged in with my Microsoft Account I did not manage to create local accounts for the kids. There is this nice and fluffy “Create accounts for your family” system, but that implies that you create Microsoft Accounts for everybody.

I refuse to do that for kids. Sorry Microsoft, they are kids, they should not need cloud-based accounts yet.

Apparently you can create additional local account if you’re logged in on a local account. Great.

But there is no GUI to set the time limits for the kids if they are using a local account. You have to do this one the command line. e.g. with

net user kid1 /times:Sa,08:00-20:00

See this article.

Pet Peeves Windows 10

Windows 10 peeves

I’m not a computer newbie. Neither am I a first-time Windows user.

Windows 10 has proved to be a very mixed bag for me. Some things are very clever and nicely done, and then there are a bunch of “what the f*ck were they thinking” moments for me.

I’ve now added the category “Windows 10” to this blog to keep track of my peeves and my workarounds.