As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted a picture of a wooden train track for some time now.

The kids have basically outgrown that stuff (which does not rule out the occasional relapse), so we stopped building elaborate tracks.

But: we now got a decent number of Kapla blocks. At first sight, these are very trivial wooden cuboids. They open up suprisingly interesting possibilities of constructions. Just do a Google search for “kapla images”.

I’ve been building decent Kapla stuff with nephews over the last years, now I can do the same at home. I will post images of interesting results here.



We did away with the old children’s corner in the living room and the new setup gives us more space. See e.g. these tracks:

(My regular digicams are not available, thus I had to resort to the camera on my old Nokia phone.)


We haven’t built a new set of tracks in a while, but yesterday Clemens and I made one, this time in the children’s room. It thus takes two pictures to show it all: