Pet Peeves

A simple idea for digital photo print shops

Folks, this one is so simple:

Whenever I have a batch of photos converted from jpeg to paper by any random online photo print service, they print some information on the back. Usually that includes the current date, perhaps the filename, order-ID, or some other information the shop needs to keep track of its print-jobs.

I have the following suggestion: Print the date from the EXIF header on the back. 20 years from now, I won’t care at all when the print was made, all I care will be when the photo was taken.

(Any additional information from the EXIF header would also be appreciated, but the date is the one thing that is simple and really needed.)

A few times I used the work-around of using “stamp 2.8” to encode the date into the filename and get it printed on the back of the photo, but that’s really a crude kludge.