System Administration

A blast from the past: mod_epp

I recently got contacted by SIDN regarding some problems with mod_epp. They were running into issues when combining mod_epp with mod_proxy and needed me to find a fix. We came to an agreement, I spend some time programming C again, and here it is: mod_epp version 1.6.


* Bugfix: Internal EPP error messages work again
* Default value for EPPAuthURI
* New config statement: EPPReturncodeHeader
- Backend can signal EPP RC to mod_epp
* New feature: implicit login
- EPPAuthURI = implicit
- no special request to authenticate
- uses either HTTP error code or via EPPReturncodeHeader
of the command.
* New feature: User-Agent: header set
* Bufix/Feature: Connection close now works on mod_proxy
- X-Connection
- via EPP return code

* A mod_proxy setup is now fully supported. See README.

Get it here.