Windows 7 Fail

The Windows XP installation on my laptop had suffered the usual Windows fate of accruing too much entropy over the last two years. The Lenovo tools alone are quite heavy-weight by themselves. Instead of re-installing XP, I opted for Windows 7. After all, we’re supposed to be familiar with what’s out there in the wild.

So far, Windows 7 has been quite ok, there are some issues with OpenVPN (and/or the Checkpoint VPN client) and other free software (what’s one of the reasons I’m not running the x64 version). But this one puzzles me:

I simply want to know what updates are available in “Windows Updates”. Whatever I do, the pane stays empty. WTF?

I’m not the only one.

Children’s books

Ok, it’s clear that books for children must take liberties in terms of realism. For example, we have these nice book about a small polar bear. That he befriends a small sled-dog is par for the course for such book. All fine and dandy and it makes nice reading. But this page made me go WTF:

Tarzan Polar Bear

A polar bear who likes to swing through the jungle. Sheesh.

For me, this is like science fiction: It’s ok to make some wild assumptions, but then please be consistent. Don’t have him run races over ice on one page, and swinging like Tarzan on the next.