May Weather

It’s time for the annual proof that god favors left over right, but this time it’s not that easy for him.

Some background: traditionally, the social democrats (which used to be called socialists) hold a rally on May 1st on the Vienna Ringstrasse. Over the last years, that has been more and more a relic of old times: various delegations of workers, unions, retirees clubs and whatnot else affiliated with the SPÖ marching and showing flags. Of course there are speeches, the (traditionally red) major and (if they are lucky) their own federal chancellor rally their people. After the official part, there is a big party in the Prater, with music for all tastes (incl. western&country (complete with line/square-dancing)). That’s usually very nice: the chestnut trees are in full bloom and …

… the sun shines. Always.

The major right-wing party also organizes annual festivities some other days in May: they hold in the the center of the city, complete with music and other attraction. But ..

… the weather sucks. Always.

So this year they are going for something new: They scheduled their Stadtfest for May 2nd – 4th. I see this as a challenge for Petrus: can he turn around the weather in just one night?

Oh, and there is another data-point regarding god’s political stance: The communist’s “Volksstimmenfest” also gets doused in rain every year.

[UPDATE, May 1st]

The ÖVP’s jinx worked, we didn’t have the usual bright day, there even were a few drops of rain. Let’s see what tomorrow will be like.

[UPDATE, May 3rd]

Well, well, well. It looks like the ÖVP got the better wetter this year. Will pigs fly next year?