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Background info

I study mathematics and computer-science here at Salzburg University. Currently I'm writing my Master thesis on the subject "Explicit Inversive Pseudorandom Number Generators" as my part in the pLab project. Included in my thesis is a portable library of PRNG written in ANSI C. Feel free to download this software.

I was employed employed at the "Institut für Computerwissenschaften" as Studienassistent (comparable to the position of a RA) for three years, where I acted as postmasters, newsadmin and DNS Zoneadmin of "cosy.sbg.ac.at", and participated in some research concerning network measurements, escpecially over satellite links.

My Online History

My online experience dates back to '89 where I first got access to e-mail and interactive remote logins. My e-mail link to the world was a horrible X.400 mailer called EAN on a VAX/VMS which used the 9.6 Kbit X.25 link (Anybody still remembers UNA ?) from Salzburg University to Vienna to route my messages through a X.400/Bitnet gate to the rest of the world. Via this (not exactly stable) link I explored the world of LISTSERVs, TRICKLE servers (or, even earlier FINTUVM) and other Bitnet goodies.

I toyed around with mailboxes reachable by public X.25 call, and thus had some contacts to the hacker scene of that days. That's how I got in mail-contact with the publishers of PHRACK magazine (that was before "Operation Sundevil").

We got our Internet connection in november '91. By then, I was working for the department and configured both DNS and the e-mail setup. In january '92 I managed to set up a newsserver, organize a feed and thus start to read Usenet. I can't remember the exact numbers, but Usenet produced less that 30 MB/day, and one of our suns managed to play newsserver without hardly any impact on the load. We ran on less than 300 MB spool for quite some time. I've found an old mail explaining my setup.

I've been following the hot topics in Usenet since then, focussing on Usenet itself (news.*), civil liberties, encryption, and connected newsgroups. Recently I have taken up cancelling spam. See my Usenet pages for details and the cancel reports. Please note that this activity is a private one, and in no way officially endorsed by the department of computer science, although supported by the relevant admins. My scripts for searching for spam and cancelling it are currently not public, and probably never will be.

Misc stuff

FTPable stuff from me:
Some programs and documents I wrote are available via anonymous ftp. You can find them on ftp.cosy.sbg.ac.at under /pub/people/lendl. The README there tells you about the contents of this directory.
Not really. But my cousin does. Give it a try !
HTML - Help
Check out this list of the common HTML tags.
IFS PLayground
I've done a WWW interface to IFS fractals.
From the FAQ:
Netrek is a 16-player graphical real-time battle simulation with a Star Trek theme. The game is divided into two teams of 8 (or less), who dogfight each other and attempt to conquer each other's planets. There are several different types of ships, from fast, fragile scouts up to big, slow battleships; this allows a great deal of variance in play styles.
You can find me on most european servers under the name Telcontar. I play with ET in the INL, and with CH in the ENL.

Last summer the netrek community had a great come-together in Austria. A selection of my pictures of this event is online. Pictures from this year's meeting in Sundsvall are here.

Some plots concerning the reuse of http connection in order to fetch icons.
Old .signatures
This list of my former .signatures should be quite interesting.
RFC1036 enforcer
A trn macro and a perl script
I've done a few map-making utilities for Ultima 4, Ultima 5, and Ultima 6.
FH Lectures
See my pages at the FH webserver.
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