Welcome to the Time Machine!

This used to be the front door to Otmar Lendl's webspace. Feel free to look around see what's in store for you. But first of all, let me introduce myself.

So, who is this guy called "Otmar Lendl"?
Well, I am a male representative of the carbon-based bi-pedal lifeform commonly known as "homo sapiens".

Yeah, yeah. I guessed that. Anything else you can tell me ?
Sure. I am 35 years by now and used to live in Salzburg, Austria.

Salzburg? Cute. But what do you mean by "used to"?
Well, I've been studying mathematics and computer science at Salzburg University. I graduated to "Magister" in mathematics in january '97, and as I didn't find a suitable PhD funding, I accepted an offer by EUnet Austria to come to Vienna and work for them.

Vienna? Sound interesting, too. So what happened?
Maybe you heard about that "dot-com" boom? EUnet was merged into KPNQwest where I was leading the server team. That was an interesting time: Meetings all over Europe, working on servers I have never seen, collaborating with collegues who I only knew from IRC. That all went tits-up in 2002. Out of the ashes of KQ, a new Eunet emerged whose first steps I helped to guide. Meanwhile I started in a second job: R&D for the Austrian domain registry nic.at. I finally left the old job for good in 2004 (after they got bought by Tiscali and thankfully before they got sold off to the Jordans).

How can I reach you?
The perhaps best way to contact me (in private matters) is plaintext e-mail using the address ol@bofh.priv.at. PGP encoded messages are welcome, pure HTML is not. Don't even think about sending me unsolicited commercial e-mail. It's illegal in Austria and I will react with appropriate technical and legal countermeasures. More contact information is available.

So, what's here ?

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Otmar Lendl
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