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So, you want to contact me ? This page should contain all information you need in order to reach me.

A lot of people refuse to publish such addresses in order to avoid nuissance mail, calls, etc. I'm trying to be optimistic and assume that you know what you're doing. If this information gets abused, I will have to remove it, and thus reduce the value of this page.

Here are some ways how to reach me. I read my E-Mail quite frequently, so this is probably the best and fastest (except a successful phone-call) way to contact me.



(Actually I have quite a lot of accounts on various machines at various departments of the University, but this is my "Home", so please use it. This is the one whose Mail-system I used to manage, so I have the highest possible confidence in its reliability. :-) If is not working, I probably will use as a backup.)

I'm using this account for private stuff, of course you can reach me at my "work" e-mail address: as well.

MIME messages are welcome and if you want some privacy, use my public key for PGP to encrypt your message. NeXT-Mail and unsolicited commercial e-mail is NOT AT ALL appreciated.

My former X.400 Address ( is no longer valid. (And good riddance to it.)

Check out if I am online, and use talk lendl@[host] to invite me for a talk. I'm usually logged in on, so talk could do the trick. (Note that grizzly is a Sun, and there is an incompatibility between Sun's talk and the BSD version. If you encounter problems, use finger (as above) to determine from which machine I connect to grizzly and try to talk to me there.) As I usually use screen to have more virtual terminals inside a single xterm, I will not hear the beep of the talk request. It's thus not really likely that I will react to the talk request.

You might try talk as this is my Linux box at work.

Netrek, IRC, MUDs, ...
Currently I use Samedi as my alias on most of these occasions. If you want to know why I use this name, read William Gibson's books Neuromancer and Count Zero. Recently, I started to use Telcontar, too.


Snail-Mail (Salzburg):
    Otmar Lendl
    Akademiestr. 15
    A-5020 Salzburg
    AUSTRIA, Europe

    Phone: +43 662 625468
This is my parents address.
Snail-Mail (Vienna):
    Otmar Lendl
    Pfaffenbergeng. 3-5/1/12
    A-1140 Wien 
    AUSTRIA, Europe

    Phone: +1 4163013
Work phone:
+1 89933 - 0 (and then ask for me)
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