After a long break we build a full set of tracks again. On the first go I used the bridges, but the kids almost immediately destroyed them as they move the tracks on the wooden floor. So, the next version only used the simple overpasses that survive being shoved.

By now both kids push trains along. Now I have to make sure that a) Clemens’ train doesn’t expand by assimilating cars from Elena’s and b) that Clemens doesn’t just crash his train into Elena’s.


After a long break, Clemens and I finally built a decent set of tracks today.

We had lots of fun pushing trains and playing the “can you push the train to this spot?” and the “oh no, wrong turn!” – game.

Tracks: Jonas edition

This weekend I was babysitting at my sister’s place. They have quite an impressing collection of wooden tracks, so I built the following with Jonas, her 5yr old son.

Tracks: Clemens

More and more, Clemens builds tracks by himself. Up until recently, they consisted only of long stretches and hardly ever formed closed loops.

This is starting to change, below is what he managed to build yesterday: