Murphy’s law

I was invited to give a talk at Donau-Uni Krems and was wondering whether to take the train or drive myself by car. I chose the train. Big mistake: electrical problems between St. Andrä-Wördern and Tulln, thus we’re delayed for a long time. I should have stuck to the original plan of taking the car […]

Movie censorship requests

I’ve had the following two links open for the last few weeks. Instead of bookmarking them, I’ll just list them here: Monty Python and the Holy Grail: Change Requests The South Park Movie: Answer to MPAA’s Rating note

Nikolaus 2010

This year, we organized a Nikolaus Fest again. This time we had: 11 kids (only the twins (Isabel and Leo) could not come) 11 parents my sister and a very impressive Bishop. Many thanks to our neighbor who played the role perfectly and dealt with all the idiosyncrasies of the kids.

Tired kids

This saturday we finally ordered the new bed for the kids (roughly like the third one from here, had lunch at Kika (not advisable: why the f* is the non-smoking area of the restaurant not next to the playground?)) and when driving home the kids fell asleep in the car: Elena: Clemens: