Moving …

The disks in my old root server are finally both failing, so I’m moving all my stuff to a new machine. As usual in IT, you get a lot more power for the same money now, and so I’m quite pleased with the performance of the new server. I’ve tried to do a more secure […]

Link Dump

Once again, I have collected too many tabs in my browser session. This blog-post will collect them: The War on Nuns Blitzortung MS SIR on Austria Zabbix: A monitoring solution Nicter from Japan, I met one of the authors in June. NetSA from CMU or CERT/CC CIF Das Ende der AV-Ära uRPF Blackholing IODEF CybOX […]

Dear Niki/AirBerlin

For this week’s flight from Paris CDG to Vienna I used the Web-Checkin. This is the boarding-pass I got from them: All nice and fine, but one important detail is missing: Which terminal?

The Evolution of Conference Wireless

2003: RIPE offers to rent out PCMCIA wifi cards to attendees of the RIPE conference. 2007: Every attendee has a laptop with built-in wifi. 2012: Every attendant brings a Laptop and at least one smartphone, some bring tablets as well. We have ~500 attendees at #FIRSTCON this week; I wonder how many distinct clients the […]