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Boeing vs. Microsoft

2019: Boeing uses a single “angle of attack” sensor to control the automatic pitch control software (MCAS). A software upgrade to use both AOA sensors was sold as an optional extra. Result: two planes crashed, killing 346 people. The damages and the subsequent grounding of the whole 373 Max fleet cost Boeing a few billion dollars.

2023: Microsoft sold access to advanced logs in their MS-365 service as an add-on, premium product. Luckily, someone did buy it, and used the data provided to detect a significant intrusion in the whole Azure infrastructure.

For good or bad, we do not treat security as seriously as safety.


I think this will change for critical infrastructure.

Microsoft should think hard what that would mean. If one can ground a fleet of planes for safety reasons, I see no fundamental reason not to temporarily shut down a cloud service until it can prove that it solved a design flaw.

We just need a regulatory authority with a bit more desire to be taken seriously.