System Administration

Moving …

The disks in my old root server are finally both failing, so I’m moving all my stuff to a new machine.

As usual in IT, you get a lot more power for the same money now, and so I’m quite pleased with the performance of the new server. I’ve tried to do a more secure and cleaner setup this time and distribute the service over domUs in a XEN setup. We’ll see how that works out in real life.

One thing is different this time: I can’t take my old, free /29 with me to the new server. Additional IP-addresses cost extra money now, and I’m not prepared to pay extra for them. Instead, I’ve got a block of IPv6 addresses and will run anything that I can’t DNAT/proxy via v6.

I moved email service over two weeks ago, yesterday evening this blog. If something is not working as expected, tell me.