System Administration

Nokia 2680s and iSync

Now that Andrea owns a Mac again it was overdue to get iSync up and running with her Phone.

iSync is nice, but her Nokia 2680 is neither supported by the 10.7 iSync, nor does Nokia provide a suitable plugin. Luckily, there are alternatives. Paul Bain has published a few plugins on his blog, including one for the 3600 Slide. According to one of the comments, that should be pretty easy to adapt for the 2680s.

Installing the plugin and replacing all occurrences of “3600 Slide” with “2680s” was simple, but it didn’t work: iSync still complained about an “unsupported phone”.

The solution became apparent when looking at the log in /var/log: the phone is actually a “2680s-2”, and once I got the strings right, iSync was happy.

To make things easier for others trying to replicate this, here is a zip of the my resulting plugin. (And I hope plain zip did the job, and I’m not running into some macos resource fork & co weirdness.)