Pet Peeves

Nokia 6120 Classic and A1 Broadband

When I got my company cell-phone two years ago, I opted for a Nokia 6120. The reasoning was simple: Nokia was supposed to have a decent user-interface, the phone could act as a 3G modem for my laptop and run various simple applications like Avantgo.

Well, …

First of all, don’t talk about stand-by times. They are simply sub-par.

As for the user interface: sheesh. There are so many simple stupidities. For example: if you have multiple numbers for a contact (job, land-line, mobile, …), then an incoming call doesn’t show from which number the call is coming. You might not care the moment you are accepting the call, but when you want to call back, you certainly do. My old Sony Ericsson showed appropriate icons next to the call.

Another thing: once you open the calender, the calendar’s icon is prominently on top of the screen. What does it show? a big “30”. Always. Even if you just look at your appointments for the 9th.

The Nokia PC Suite is a monster. And the Internet connection part just broke after an upgrade. Manual connecting via the USB Modem works (meanwhile I know the settings by heart), but via the bluetooth connection doesn’t.

But the thing which bothers me most (and drives my wife into fits of rage) is the fact that the phone often won’t accept incoming calls after I’ve used a data application like Opera Mobile (which I do quite often: I read RRS feeds while commuting).

That sucks.