Pet Peeves

Buying shoes for kids

The feet of kids are delicate things and as a caring parent you’re supposed to make sure that the spawn’s footwear fits his ever-growing feet. Ok, spring is coming and thus the time is near where we can stop using his #24 winter boots and give him “normal” shoes again. So off to the store we are and what do we find?

At the end of February, the shop is already geared towards summer shoes. i.e.: open shoes and sandals. Great. That’s about 2 to 3 months in the future.

That stocking policy might make sense for shoes for adults, but for kids? The size of their feet is highly variable. You buy when you need the shoes as you want to size them correctly.

So dear shoe industry: what’s fine in the woman’s section of the store does not make sense in the kids section. There, “just in time” shopping is much more appropriate. Please stock accordingly.