A rant

I’m using the AvantGo client on my nokia phone to read newspapers on the subway from/to work (and while waiting for Clemens to go to sleep). Yesterday, it stopped working. Today I debugged it and discovered that the nameservers of A1 (Mobilkom Austria) simply cannot resolve The domain is fine, and IP connectivity towards them is also OK via the cell phone.

So I called up their hotline. So far, they can reproduce the problem. No solution, other than entering the IP address in the browser. If this isn’t just a bug, but a deliberate blocking, I’m going to raise hell. I’m in a bad mood.

[Update: they managed to fix this within a day. Good.]

And today’s Microsoft patchday seem to have broken switching from internal to external screen on my Thinkpad.


I’m downloading the latest Lenovo updates at speeds worthy of last century. Let’s see if that helps.