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As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted a picture of a wooden train track for some time now.

The kids have basically outgrown that stuff (which does not rule out the occasional relapse), so we stopped building elaborate tracks.

But: we now got a decent number of Kapla blocks. At first sight, these are very trivial wooden cuboids. They open up suprisingly interesting possibilities of constructions. Just do a Google search for “kapla images”.

I’ve been building descent Kapla stuff with nephews over the last years, now I can do the same at home. I will post images of interesting results here.


Link Dump

Once again, I have collected too many tabs in my browser session. This blog-post will collect them:

Secunia PSI Fail

Actually, I like Secunia’s PSI: it makes keeping a Windows PC up-to-date a lot easier.

But today it failed:

  • Update of flashplayer did not work, but showed this:

    Notice how it says in green 100%, but Firefox and IE were still using the vulnerable version.

    Maybe it got confused by Chrome’s autoupdate which ran in parallel.

    A re-scan make PSI aware of the problem, but the autoup-date failed again.

  • It failed to update irfanview
  • I spent a few mins looking for an email address for feedback and found none. Thus this public blogpost.